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Voice Talents
Character Actor Episode
Aquarianne Patricia Parris Water Way to Go
Ariel 2 June Foray Top Gum
Ariel King Jim Cummings Top Gum
Bobo Frank Welker Queen of the Carpies
Buddi Barbic Dana Hill Regular
Cavin Christian Jacobs 1st Season
Brett Johnson 2nd Season
David Faustino 3rd Season
Jason Marsden 4th Season
R. J. Williams 5th Season On
Creature Frank Welker Gummies Just Want to Have Fun
Cubbi Gummi Noelle North Regular
Dom Gordo of Ghent Bob Holt Duel of the Wizards
Duke Igthorn Michael Rye Regular
Finwithit Frank Welker Water Way to Go
Flugel Frank Welker Thornberry to the Rescue
Frog Frank Welker Thornberry to the Rescue
Giant Bob Holt When you Wish Upon a Wishing Stone
Grammi Gummi June Foray Regular
Gritty Barbic Peter Cullen Regular
Gruffi Gummi Bill Scott 1st Season
Corey Burton 2nd Season On
Guard Lorenzo Music Up,Up, and Away
Gusto Gummi Rob Paulsen Regular
King Gregor Michael Rye Regular
Malsinger Michael Rye If I were You
Mervyns Frank Welker Gummi Dearest
Milton R. J. Williams Once More, The Crimson Avenger
Milton's Mom June Foray Once More, The Crimson Avenger
Misc Brian Cummings Various
Misc Jim Cummings Various
Misc Pat Fraley Various
Ogre Michael Rye Regular
Orge Will Ryan Regular
Orge Bill Scott Regular
Orge Will Ryan Regular
Princess Calla Noelle North Regular
Princess Marie Kath Soucie May the Best Princess Win
Rotocelli Gino Conforti Color Me Gummi
Shopwoman June Foray The Crimson Avenger
Sir Ponch Howard Morris Too Many Cooks
Sir Thornberry Walker Edmiston Regular
Spinster Linda Gary Thornberry to the Rescue
Sunni Gummi Katie Leigh Regular
Tadpole Chuck McCann Just a Tad Smarter
Toadie Bill Scott 1st Season
Corey Burton 2nd Season On
Toadie Will Ryan Various
Toadie Paul Winchell Various
Trina Patricia Parris What you see is me
Troggles Allan Melvin Regular
Tummi Gummi Lorenzo Music Regular
Tuxford Bill Scott 1st Season
Roger C Carmel 2nd Season
Chuck McCann 3rd Season
Brian Cummings 4th Season On
Unwin Will Ryan Regular
Villager Lorenzo Music A Hunting We Will Go
Woman June Foray The Crimson Avenger
Zephyrs Frank Welker Wings over Dunwyn
Zorlock Lennie Weinrib For Whom the Spell Holds
Zummi Gummi Paul Winchell Seasons 1-5
Jim Cummings 6th Season


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