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Welcome to The Great Site of Gummi! This site is an "Open Archive" to all Disney's Gummi Bears fans. Please read the submit information before sending something. Anything goes on this page that is somehow related to Gummi Bears and or it's characters. Feedback is also greatly appreciated. We can never get enough complements. Oh also, if you would like to use something from this page on your own site, please always ask first. Thanks for bouncing by.
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"Write to Disney" Event!
"Open Vault Disney" is organizing a writing event. This is your chance to let them know we want the rest of the Disney Afternoon series, and in particular Gummi Bears volume 2. Go HERE for more details.

Disney Afternoon Vinyls
No Gummi Bears yet, but I am sure they are working on the legalities associated with the Gummies. Here's a Forum related to the other Disney Afternoon Vinyls.

Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears on DVD!
The Gummies are here on DVD! The first volume includes episodes from seasons 1-3 ;) Still hoping for the rest of the series.

Add the Gummi Bears trailer to your site at the Gummi Bears Website

The new forum is now sponsored by Proboards. Thanks for your emails, Enjoy.

Disney Television Animation on DVD
Disney has released box sets from Disney Television Animation: "DuckTales", "Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers", "TaleSpin", "Darkwing Duck" and "Gargoyles". ON SALE NOW!!! For recent updates on Disney DVD visit, ultimatedisney.com.

Happy Birthday Gummi Bears!
26 years old on September 14, 2011!

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This article was found in the August 12, 2005 issue of Entertainment weekly.

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