4/21/12 - WOW! It has been a while since I have touched this page :) I am still around, but busy with life. Just a quick update to the links page with the addition of "Open Vault Disney." Still hoping for the second DVD set of Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears.

10/24/09 - Well it's been about a year so I thought I should update something at least ha ha "The Sinister Sculpter" screengrabs are updated with grabs from the DVD. Enjoy!

10/27/08 - Updated "A New Beginning" screengrabs, now with a WHOPPING 530 images.

10/19/08 - Updated the Gummi Intro in the screengrabs section to include the original opening as well as season 2 & 3 supplements.

10/12/08 - Hello Everyone! Yes, I am still around :) Just been super busy working. I am getting into fixing some things on the page that have been broken or needed to be updated. Thanks to everyone who has emailed me in the past...and keep em coming I love getting emails. Hope everyone has a spook-tacular Halloween!

4/28/07 - Got the old merchandise page back as well as the coloring pages..."Slow and steady, Grammi. That's the way."

2/22/07 - The Great Site of Gummi has found a new home.

1/12/07 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Some new fan art images were added as well as updates to some links.

10/24/06 - The final screen grabs from "Sweet and Sour Gruffi" have been added as well as some general site updates.

8/30/06 - The new form host is now Proboards. Enjoy.

8/18/06 - I got an email about another message board system and signed up for a trial run. It's crazy I know but I thought I would leave it up to you all. Since the first site is eh... I have it narrowed down to Bravenet OR Proboards. Send me an email letting me know which one you like better. Also there is a new fan art image and about 150 new screen grabs from the under construction "Sweet and Sour Gruffi."

8/17/06 - King Gregor fan art plus a new image of the Gummi Bears DVD set on the homepage.

8/6/06 - New update on the Gummies possible bounce to Disney DVD as well as a new forum to try out. It was getting to be a pain so I found a new one to try. Try it to see what you think. Oh also one new Sir Tuxford fan art added.

7/6/06 - One new fan art celebrating Pirates of the Caribbean, plus new screen grabs from "Loopy, Go Home". Look for more screen grabs coming soon.

6/26/06 - Lots of new images on the merchandise page. Plus a few general site updates.

5/13/06 - WOW that was a hard wait. My web host kinda went off the map there for a while. That is to say I couldn't even get in to change anything. Hopefully it won't happen again. Sorry about that. A few maintenance updates here and there such as a new link, as well as a new fan image and a whopping 474 screen grabs from "A Gummi By Any Other Name." Also 2 new fan images of Cavin and Calla.

12/30/05 - GOSH! the end of the year has been crazy for me. Nothing too big to report. However, there are some great new fan art images posted. Enjoy!

9/30/05 - Two new artworks and some multimedia links on the other "stuff" page.

9/14/05 - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY GUMMI BEARS! 20 glorious, bounce filled years. 4 new fan are images as well as some updates to screen grabs. Look for a fan art contest coming soon.

8/15/05 - One new fan artwork and general updating.

7/29/05 - Come and visit the NEW Gummi Bears Forum! Oh and new screen grabs are posted from "The Oracle".

7/27/05 - Just a small update with one artwork from me and one from another artist.

7/9/05 - Four new fan art images (3 from a fan and 1 from me) and 189 screen grabs from "Duel of the Wizards" Hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July.

6/18/05 - Six new coloring pages are up of Cavin as well as a newly found model sheet on the activities page. There are also new screen grabs from "When You Wish Upon A Stone" as well as an update to the "Theme Song and Credits" and a clean up of images on the other stuff page. I am also currently updating the merchandise page so, if it looks a bit messy, don't worry I will clean it up soon.

5/18/05 - One new art image celebrating Star Wars Episode III as well as a nice birthday cake made by a fan and there are a few more items on the merchandise page.

3/25/05 - Some new banners to my page were added on the contact info page.

3/20/05 - Just some artwork in this update. My computer was out of commission for a while. Hopefully the new month images will be done in April.

2/1/05 - A few new fan images, one new coloring image of gruffi, 228 screen grabs from "A Gummi In A Guilded Cage" and the merchandise page has been changed to add images.

1/15/05 - New screen grabs are up from "Can I Keep Him?", the fan art page has been redone with a few new ones and there is a new fan idea...Buddy Icons. Check them out on the "Other Stuff" page. Oh also two books are for sale on the merchandise page. Hurry before they are gone.

1/1/05 - Happy New Year! It's 2005, time to celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Gummi Bears as well as the 50th anniversary of Disneyland. To start the new year there is a new fan image of Zummi celebrating. Enjoy the rest of your break, if you are still on break that is.

12/1/04 - Happy Holidays! December brings a few new things. First off there is a new fan art of the cubs going to see santa. There are also four new coloring pages on the activities page and a new group image on the other stuff page. Finally there are new screen grabs from "Someday My Prints Will Come."

11/1/04 - Congratulations Boston Red Sox! 2004 World Series Champions. Having my life been surrounded by Sports this past month, not too many updates. There are two new fan arts. One is for the Gummi Months: November and the other is by a new artist. There are also new screen grabs from The Sinister Sculptor.

10/4/04 - Happy October! Lots of new screen grabs from "A New Beginning" and "Zummi makes it Hot" as well as updates to the merchandise page and one new halloween fan art.

9/19/04 - A few image updates to the characters on all the pages, new links and books on the merchandise page and one new art sketch.

9/14/04 - Happy Birthday Gummi Bears! 19 wonderful bouncing years. 125 more screen grabs from "Close Encounters of the Gummi Kind". On the activities page: 1 new coloring image, 1 new size relationship and character color guides. Also, two new images of the Ursalia Book mark and the Gummi Symbol were also added to the "other stuff" page. I made the book mark and used it to create a "website original" logo and also some new banners for this page. Oh and I also added the air dates for the show on the "show info page" and (ta da) the original airing order for the episodes. Enjoy!

8/6/04 - The biggest update is to the coloring images. There are new 14 new images from a Gummi Bears Coloring book as well as a bunch more new ones to the poster-coloring images. There is also some new Fan Art, and 87 new screen grabs.

6/17/04 - 2 New Fan Art images and a whopping 171 screen grabs from "Up, Up and Away". The new screen grabs from now on will be the larger size. After my PC to Mac convert it took me a while to get new screen grabs up. I think these are some of the best yet. It is one of my favorite episodes so I figured why not make it have the most images.

6/12/04 - 100 new screen grabs from "Tummi's Last Stand".

6/8/04 - New logo for the page as well as a contact page added with some new banners. There are also some nice images of the Gummi logo on the "other stuff" page, How to Draw Sunni's head as well as expressions of Cubbi on the "activities" page, and the final drawings for the sounds in the distance scene on the "art/fiction" page.

6/1/04 - Lots of new updates to the Merchandise page including 24 new book images from Zummi's Magic Spell as well as 130 new screen grabs from "He Who Laughs Last". Oh and a nice size comparison of the characters on the activities page and a few new coloring images. There are also some new coloring pages in the works. Some New Fan Arts are also in the works for this summer as well as some new "How to Draw" pages.

4/20/04 - Two new Fan Arts. (two more in the works) Oh plus check out the Dunwyn website for information on the 20th Anniversary of the Gummi Bears. He is looking for helpers with this year long web event. I also made a new gummi bullet which is used on many of my pages.

3/4/04 - I know, I know, not too many updates huh? I have been so busy. I did however get one new fan art done of Gritty Gummi. I am pretty happy with how the site looks as of now. If I every get a time where I have noting to do I know I will get back to looking into adding stuff. I am still happily taking artwork from others so please send me things to put on the page.

1/24/04 - Happy New Year! Happy New Page! I have officially moved the site (again) I am going crazy. This site has moved so many times I have lost count. This server says unlimited space and bandwidth so I am going to believe them. Anyway nothing is new this time, but I do have access to a new episode(He who laughs last), which might have some screen grabs in the near future. Some of the links are not working at the moment so please be patient during my moving process. Oh update your links too.

9/28/03 - Hi Everyone. I have been so busy this summer that I didn't do much with the page. I did add 6 new fan art images (5 from me and one from a fan), a banner to the Gummi Bears Adoption site and some more images on the merchandise page. Other than that nothing big was done. I am currently without my Gummi videos so no new screen grabs for a while. I will mostly be adding art and toy images in the upcoming months. If there is something you would like to see or if you can contribute in any way please email me. Thanks.

5/20/03 - A few new things added today. Some Disney Artwork as well as one of mine, two new "how to draw" lessons, a few new clipart images, one new link as well as major updates to the merchandise page. If you have something Gummi related that you don't see on the merchandise page let me know. Thanks.

5/15/03 - Screen Grab Pages redone and new grabs from "Dress for Success".

4/8/03 - One new fan art, new coloring pages and a new over all page design.

4/3/03 - "Color Me Gummi Screen Grabs" added. As well as a new Gummi Art link. What can I say, Gusto is just a really fun character.

2/19/03 - I know, I know it took forever for me to update. I didn't end up liking the old design and the server kicked me off for some reason. Anyway how do you like the new look? I think it is much cleaner and easier to read. I would love to post new stuff. Send it in. 3 New Screen Grab episodes are posted. Enjoy

8/09/02 - How do you like the new setup? If it looks like there are fewer links on the frame, your right. All the pages are still here but I have moved them around and combined them to save room on the frame. Day of the Beevilweevils is the new screen grabs episode and you can now learn how to draw gusto's head and expressions. Oh I am also working on the merchandise page. If you have some gummi toys send me a pic or just tell me about it and I will put it up.

7/10/02 - June is over and I am doing a small update. The most noticable thing is the new web host. Tripod lowered the amount of memory you could have for free so I had to move. Don't worry it's still the same old site. Not too much has changed. There are two new fan arts and two more "how to draw" images. The new screen grabs episode is "Faster Than a Speeding Tummi". I am adding 2-3 more episodes until I go on a little break. I need to add some more art and a fan fiction I am working on. As you might know, that takes time. I am also working on getting a guest book back up and running.

5/26/02 - Happy Summer! The Crimson Avenger and The Rite Stuff screen grabs were added. Gusto's Fan Art also has four new drawings. I have also added a "How to Draw" section which will have some helpful hints on how to draw your own gummies as well as the gummies from the show. Zummi's Head is all that is up for now. There are also some new clipart images and a animated Gruffi. The Links page has also been cleaned up will all workable links. I would love to have some more fan stuff of any kind so please send in your stuff. I may also make an activities page with gummi games and such. Send in your thoughts.

3/6/02 - Screen Grab City! 5 new episodes were added. Wow that took a while. Sorry for the delay. Send me stuff please :)

1/1/02 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Screen Grabs are all up for now. "The World According to Gusto" has all it's grabs on the web. Please send me more stuff Gummi Fans.

12/11/01 - Updates all over the place. Well not everywhere, buy you know what I mean. New screen grabs is the biggest thing. They are only half up...give me time. :) enjoy.

10/28/01 - "If I Were You" Screen Grabs are now loaded.

10/13/01 - Screen Grabs from "Gummies at Sea" was added.

9/9/01 - Some new fan art added with a general update.

7/21/01 - "King Igthorn - Part 2" Screen Grabs are in and ready for viewing :)

7/18/01 - MAJOR UPDATE. The New Aventures of the Great Gummies is now The Great Site of Gummi. I thought I should update it and make it a little more interesting to look at. If you put something on the page it's still here don't worry, I just changed the look. There are a bunch more screen grabs with more to come. "King Igthorn Part 2" doesn't have the pictures in yet but I will put them in later today or tomorrow. Enjoy the new site and let me know what you think. Give me a few days to get all the bugs out I know there has to be some with the change. Thanks

6/01/01 - Some new Gummi Webrings were added.

5/20/01 - Chummi was added to the Fan Art page along with a New Gummi Links.

5/17/01 - Calla, Buddi and a group picture of the original characters was added to the Fan Art page. I also redid the screen grabs page to make the images load faster. I will add more screen grabs this summer. That is when I get hold of my gummi bear tapes.

5/13/01 - Added Sir Gallent to the Fan Art page.

5/11/01 - Fixed html code on almost every single page. Four new pictures in the Fan art page done by me.

3/21/01 - New Fan Arts and changed to screen grabs page.

1/21/01 - I added Color to some more of my drawings as well as added a picture of Artemus. A Fan fic has also been updated.

1/14/01 - Added Color to Drawings.

1/12/01 - Added Gruffi to the Protect a Gummi Page.

12/8/00 - One fan Fic and Three new coloring pages

10/7/00 - One new Link and a Fan Fic.

8/23/00 - Added the Anniversay picture to the main page and a few new fan arts.

8/22/00 - Added Grammi to the Protect a Gummi page, a few cliparts, and a few coloring pictures.

8/20/00 - Changed the links around a bit and added more screen shots. Two new pages are up the coloring page, where you can print out Gummi Characters and color them and the Gummi Glen pgae which is still under construction.

8/16/00 - Tummi was added to the protect a Gummi page. As well as simalar images to the clipart and stuff page :)

8/15/00 - BIG UPDATE I put a bunch of new things on the page. Almost every page now has something on it. Please send me stuff soon. I would love to get some more fan stuff on this site.

I love idea's for my page so let me know. Keep up the Great Work Gummi Lovers :)


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