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Duke Igthorn - Duke "Sigmund" Igthorn rules Drekmore and his Ogre Army. He was once a knight of Dunwyn but became greedy and wanted to take over the throne. To this day he tries to over throw King Gregor, but is always stopped by the Gummi Bears. He has a twin brother, Sir Victor, whom he hates, and is in love with Lady Bane.

Toadwart - "Toadie" is Duke Igthorn's lackey. He gets bonked and bruised by him but still remains at his side at all times. Being the smallest of the ogres, Toadie is also constantly being pushed around by the other ogre troops. They have been known to use him as a soccer ball, a yo-yo and a tether ball. Although he is an ogre Toadie isn't as dumb as he seems.

Ogres - The Ogre army is big, but all together they are about the stupidest things on the planet. They are easy to trick, but are strong and can be a great asset in battle. They obey Igthorn, but call him "Dukie", which really annoys Igthorn. The only Ogres we know by name are Gad and Zook. In most episodes, Gad is Purple with a metal hat, and Zook is Green with Orange Hair. They are shown in the picture above.

Lady Bane - Lady Bane is an evil witch. She plans to get full magical power with the help of her Gummi Medallion, which she wears around her waist. She cannot use it, however until she knows some Gummi Spells. Her servants are a race of furry pointy-eared creatures called Troggels.

Troggels - The Troggels are servants to Lady Bane. Little is know about them except they are a little smarter than ogres and have a fetish for repeating what other people say.

Trolls - These three trolls are villains to the Gummies but mostly to Dunwyn and the surrounding towns. They loot and plunder and collect "Booty". The leader, Cluch is the smartest and uses his pod shooter to scar his victims. His two lackeys, Tuck and Nip (left to right) are smarter than ogres but not by very much.

Carpies - Carpies are a race of vulture like creatures that live high upon Carpie Mountain. They don't really seem to bother anyone unless their King forces them to. The King of the Carpies is the meanest and toughest of the Carpies and desperately wants a beak warmer.

Airiels - Airiels live high up in the sky on Airiel Island. They are great foes to all Gummies because they steel their Gummiberry Juice to fuel their flying machines.

Angelo Davini - The Sinister Sculptor. He uses his magic dust to turn small animals into statues. To undo the spell you recite the magic words found on his talesment. "Bim balo, bim bolo, bo bimbo, bim bam".

The Dreaded One - An evil Chinese Dragon. He was a threat to Prince Moon's Kingdom. He came every morning and threatened to destroy the kingdom. To make him go away they were forced to give him lots of food.

Zorlock and Monster - Zorlock is an evil wizard who wants to take over the world. The Great Gummi Wizards, who used the locking spell to keep him in one spot, trapped him centuries ago. He used a rat turned monster to find the Great Book so he could undo the spell.

Le Grande Fromage and Twins - He is an evil French Chef who specializes in chocolate. He used his twin lackey's to help him steel money from the people of Dunwyn on tax day, but was stopped by the Crimson Avenger.

Spinster - Enemy of the Great Gummies, this giant spider was trapped by a door, which lead to a world of giant creatures. Sir Thornberry made the mistake of crashing into the door causing the "hungry" spinster to get loose.

Tadpole - Toadwarts cousin and the smartest Ogre in the bunch. He is smaller than Toadwart and just as bossy as Igthorn. He hates Gummi Bears and wants to get rid of their berries.

Billy Goats - These two live in the gorge near Ursalia. They take pleasure in skinning furry creatures.

Clock Tower Troll - Obsessed with gold, this troll will not leave his money. He also hates anyone who gets near it. Cubbi and Sir Gallant encounter him when they come to destroy the Clock tower.

Flint Shrubwood - The Best Bounty Hunter in the land. He can track any thing or anybody, even Gummi Bears.

Elf - This evil con artist uses his Gummi costume to get money from peasants. He was invited to Gummi Glen by Grammi and went under the name, Carney. Little did he know that you shouldn't mess with Grammi.

Wishing Stone Giant - This Giant guards the wishing stone, which Cavin and Cubbi come to find. He is mad because of what the wishing stone did to him.

Le Marque De Buyebez - An evil "short" Pirate. He loves his piranha pets. His dream is to take over Jean Claude's Kingdom, and then the world.

Sea Monster - A Sea Monster that lives nearby Dunwyn. He has been known to trash Igthorn and Toadie and he is the reason that Tummi and Gruffi got so far away from Gummi Glen in "My Gummi Lies Over the Ocean".

Witches - Witch friends of Lady Bane. One is Amadril and one is (I forget). I don't know which is which. They seem to be much nicer than Lady Bane and may be considered friends of the Gummies but you can't tell from any of the episodes.

Erwillian and Twins - Thieves in Dunwyn. Erwillian was the first bad guy the Crimson Avenger bounced. It was his evil plans that put Cavin in jail for stealing from the king. His twin lackey's have no names.

Lord Willaby - He is really just a bad guy not a villain. He hates Sir Gawin's stories about the Gummi Bears and feels that they cause problems in Dunwyn. He makes a bet with Gawin to prove that Gummies exist. And now he certainly believes they do.

Poacher - He is responsible for catching Loopy's mom. He also caught two "blabber bears", Cubbi and Gruffi. With the help of loopy, the bears were saved and the poacher was put in the Dunwyn Prison.

Vulture - This Vulture lives in Drekmore in a giant nest atop the highest tower. King Gregor was put in his nest when he was magically transformed into an egg. He was saved from the Vulture by Calla.

Leviathan Giant- Ancient foe of the Great Gummies. He was put to sleep by the Gummies on the day of the first snow. He was awakened, however, when Sunni didn't give him his yearly dose of sleeping powder.

The Boar - A Giant Boar as big as a horse haunts the Northern Boarder of Dunwyn. He was run off by Cavin, King Gregor and Sir Tuxford. Well, with some help from Grammi, Sunni and Calla.

Mousehiger - A Great Wizard. He can transform into an eagle and make fire without saying a word. He is responsible for giving the Star of Lockluna to Igthorn, which he used to change places with Tummi.

Beevilweevils - Gummiberry munchers. These big bugs can really eat up a storm. Once they start they won't stop until everything is gone. Tummi accidentally called them with his bee caller and caused all the Gummiberry bushes to become bare.

Marzipan - This Evil witch likes to enchant people with her magic. She almost married King Gregor, but was stopped by Sunni who figured out her weakness, sugar. In her real form she is quite ugly.

Vikings - the Vikings include the Leader, Cerwin the Conjure (on the tree), Rocky (in green), Bruiser (with red bandanna), Bubbles (fat). They steel, loot, plunder and keep the Gummies up all night.

The Gargoyle - Most of the time he is stone, but in the full moon this little mischief maker comes to life. Igthorn gave him to Gregor secretly, but it was Zummi who showed the gargoyle that light makes right. (Like the pun?)

Jabberflies - Bee like insects that live in Dunwyn.

Froogel Beast - This beast lives under the froogel tree and protects it. Grammi and Nogum's favorite game is to sneak past him and steel some fruit.

Pack Rat - The Gummies in house thief. He is a major nuisance because he keeps on stealing things from the bears. Zummi and Grammi found him and the missing stuff with the help of some Gummi magic.

Slugger - A Giant Slug like beast that pesters the Gnomes. He makes them feed him gnome root and perhaps the occasional Gummi Bear.

Mysterious Knight - This Black knight was seen protecting the Golden Apple. He was the major foe when the squires competed to protect the princess. Little did any of them know that the mysterious knight was really King Gregor.

Wolf - This wolf lives in the forest near Dunwyn and has a bad taste for Boggels.

Floogel - These big Insects live in the same world as the Spinster.


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