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Gummiberry Juice - six handfuls of red berries, four orange ones, three purple, four blue, three green and a yellow. Then the three-step stir, stir slow to the left, then slow to the right, then BANG to get out the bubbles. Leave out the purple berries and you with expand causing you to float to the ceiling.

Great Book of Gummi - The Great Book is the Gummi Bears Greatest Treasure. In it are all the secrets of Gummi wisdom and tradition, including: spells, recipes, and the complete history of the Gummi Bears.

Gummi Medallion - Used by Great Gummi Wizards, it is the source of Gummi magic. It is also the key to the Great Book and many locked Gummi rooms.

Quick Tunnels - Used by all the Gummies in every city. They all differ in one way or another but are used for the same purpose. They are the tracks of the Quick Cars, which travel every which way, even upside-down.

Quick Cars - In Gummi Glen they look like hawks, but in other cities they have known to be swans. These are what the Gummies ride in the Quick Tunnels. They are also, all equipped with seat belts.

Mole Machine - The Giant Mole machine is used by the Gummies to clear out underground quick tunnels. It can dig through almost anything including mud.

Ancient Gummi Ejector - Looking much like a canon, it shoots Gummies high in the air.

Magical Gummi Statue - Moves people or objects from one place to another with the magic words. It turns into a kite and flies off to the destination.

Ursalia Aqueduct - Used to get water from a dam to the city over a great distance.

Long Range Quick Cars - Very similar to the regular quick cars. The only difference is that these have more room for storage and resemble an eagle.

Gumarine - A giant Submarine that can carry Gummies over a great distance. It looks like a green sea serpent.

Dragon Decoy - Used by the Gummies to lour unwanted guests away. It makes dragon footprints

Air Ship - Also used by the Gummies to get them to far off places. This was used by Chummi to ad him in his Journey to find the Great Gummies.

Ursalia Horn - A Giant horn that can cause major destruction with a blow.

Gummi Scope - The signal machine. One in every city, it is what the Gummies use to send messages over a great distance. The one in Gummi Glen was destroyed to save Dunwyn.

Wind Turbines - These help move the air in Gummi Glen. Located inside Maria Mountain, they consist of big fans that circulate the wind and move it through vents that lead to Gummi Glen.

Great Quilt - A Tapestry that commemorates Great Gummi deeds and accomplishments. Sunni earned a patch on it by risking her life to save the quilt.

Black Knight - A mechanical knight built by the ancient Gummies to protect the roads. It was fixed by Gruffi and Calla.

Flying Machine - This machine was found and restored by the Glen Gummies. Much like the Air Ship, it is used to travel through the air. It was used to save Sunni from the Capries.

Gummi Dummy - Built by Gusto, this robot Gummi was made to lure Ogers away from Gummi Glen.

The Oracle - To Gummies it's just another fun machine. To ogers it's a magic question answering stone.

Gummi Necklace - This pendent was given to Cubbi by Sir Gallent, for his great deed in helping him complete his final task.

Changing Hat - The Changing Hat is a Gummies best friend. Givin to Sunni by Zummi, it is used to change the shape of whom ever wears it. Sunni used it to become Princess Calla but found that being a princess has it's price.


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