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  • Tummi: "I still think Gummies don't belong in the castle. It's Dumb."
    Cubbi: "But I'm more than a Gummi. I'm the Crimson Avenger. I'm the protector of all that is good."
    Tummi: "Good and Dumb." - The Crimson Avenger

  • Grammi: "He didn't touch my Asparagus Pie. He's just not acting like himself."
    Gruffi: "Yeah, he's developing taste." - Life of the Party

  • Tummi: "Cross my heart and cross my eye, kiss an oger hope to die." - Faster then a speeding Tummi

  • Grammi: "Well Tummi, what do you see?"
    Tummi: "They put their right foot in, they put their right foot out, they put their right foot in and they shake it all about."
    Atre: "And they call me a bird brain." - The Magnificent Seven Gummies

  • Gruffi: "Well I'll be bounced!" - Various Episodes

  • Gruffi: "Live each day the Gummi Way" - My Gummi lies over the Ocean

  • Gruffi: "Early to bed and early to rise and you won't have two glary eyes" - My Gummi lies over the Ocean

  • Grammi: Can't you be big about this?"
    Gruffi: "Is that a short joke?" - The Sinister Sculptor

  • Gruffi: "Stop!" "I dare you to cross that line."
    Ogre: "Oh Yeah?"
    Gruffi: "Dumbest creatures in the whole forest." - The Secret of the Juice

  • Toadie: "Caught in a trap." "Oh, how could you be so stupid?" - The Secret of the Juice

  • Grammi and Zummi: "Sticks and Stones may break my bones but bugs are just to stomp on." - Shrinking Gummies

  • Gruffi: "Tummi! Stop gosiping with insects. We have Gummiberries to harvest."
    Tummi: "But Gruffi, if I can attract nore bees it'll mean more blossoms. And more blossoms mean more Gummiberries. Yum."

  • Sunni: "She was really excited when I told her about all the lanterns and banners we're gonna put up."
    Gruffi: "Banners?"
    Grammi: "Banners?"
    Cubbi: "Banners?"
    Zummi: "Banners?"
    Tummi: "Bannanas?" - Guess Who's Gumming for Dinner?

  • Gusto: "What in the name of fur?!" - Color Me Gummi

  • Tummi: "Gruffi takes his bossy-ness very seriously." - My Gummi Lies Over The Ocean

  • Gusto: "Take shape you miserable piece of rock! TAKE SHAPE!!" - My Gummi Lies Over The Ocean

  • Tummi: "Ignore us, we're just pigments of your imagination." - A Gummi By Any Other Name


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