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Gummi Glen - Home of Gummi Knowledge and Wisdom. Once filled with hundreds now houses six: Cubbi, Sunni, Grammi, Tummi, Gruffi and Zummi.

Dunwyn - Ruled by good King Greagor. Beautiful castle filled will hundreds of people. Among them are Princess Calla, Sir Tuxford, Cavin and Unwin. Protected by the Glen Gummies.

Drekmore - Duke Igthorn's Lair. Ogres everywhere and one little Toadie. A giant run down castle, with dangerous terrain.

Gusto Falls - Gusto and Arte's new home after the Island. It is located very near Gummi Glen and is on the side of a cliff. Gusto uses the waterfall to work the elevator to his home.

Gummadoon- A magical Gummi city that appears and disappears every hundred years. A big castle, which houses many Gummies. Including the Knights of Gummadoon.

Ursalia - The Gummi Capital. Here you will find many Gummi Weapons and many books in the Great Library. Was the home of Sir Thornberry for many years until the Barbic Bears Joined him.

Gusto's Island - An Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Gusto, along with Arte, spent 12 years of his life here. It consists of wild rainforest plants, a huge dragon on the side of the volcano (which Gusto carved) and a giant hole in the ocean causing huge waterfalls.

Lady Bane's Castle - Here lives Lady Bane and her Troggle Servants. It is a big castle, which is well kept.

Xiang-Wu - Prince Yen-Moon's Kingdom. Gummies are known here, and are friends. Long ago The Great Gummies defeated a great Dragon named "The Dreaded One". The Glen Gummies repeated this heroic act 500 years later. No Gummi homes reported.

New Gumbera - The new home of the Great Gummies, across the Atlantic Ocean. Thousands of Gummies.

Barbic Woods - Past home of the Barbic Bears. It was destroyed by humans who cut down and burned the trees.

Airiel Island - High up in the sky, this floating island is the home of the Airiels. Enemies of the Great Gummies.

Gummerset - Chummi's old home. He left in search of other Gummies. It has been deserted, since he left.

Jean Claude's Kingdom - Jean Claude's Kingdom is somewhere near the coast in France. As far as we know, no Gummies live here.

Carpie Mountain - A tall steep mountain inhabited by Carpies. They only way to get here is to fly. Sunni was brought here to be a songbird, but was rescued. She also became their Queen for a short while.

South Gumton - A deserted Gummi warren. The Gummies who used to live here were wonderful with plants. They were also friends with the tree folk who lived with them in peace.

Great Bearton - Little is known about this city. All we know is that it was one of the places where the Great Gummies sailed, it is deserted and that the Glen Gummies tried to contact it with the Gummi Scope.

Berryborne - Like Great Bearton it is deserted. It was another place the Great Gummies sailed away to and the Glen Gummies tried to contact with the Gummi scope.

Maria Mountain - A windy mountain home of the Wind Turbines that give Gummi Glen Air and keep it cool.

Leviathan Mountain - A mountain that is visited once a year on the Festival of the First snow. Long ago the Ancient Gummies defeated a Giant by putting him to sleep. To keep him asleep the Gummies must throw a potion in the cave where he sleeps.

Fangwood Forest - Found just outside of South Gumton. It is the home of the Tree Folk.

Shadow Forest - A Dark and Scary forest found out side of Dunwyn. Gusto travels through here to get marble for his sculptures.

Forest of Glin Widdy - Where the Gummies get Iron Wood for their support beams.

Trail-wing mountain - This is where the Zeffers come once a year. Grammi feeds them and collects their old feathers here.

Willaby Manor - Lord Willaby's home with many rooms.

Shrubwood Castle - Where the great bounty hunter, Flint Shrubwood lives. Inside is a tall tower and many prison cells.

Crownbuite- One of the many places the Gummies hide emergency Juice flasks.

Grimtooth Inland - Cubbi's favorite fishing spot and home of the Griffins.

Bailful Bog - A mud lake in the forest of Dunwyn.

Fellonious Abby - Home of the good friars near Dunwyn.

Pendragon Hill - Here lies the golden apple that was the final task of the squires tournament to protect the princess. It is located somewhere in Dunwyn.


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