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Cubbi Gummi
1985 Fisher Price

Sunni Gummi
1985 Fisher Price

Tummi Gummi
1985 Fisher Price

Zummi Gummi
1985 Fisher Price

Grammi Gummi
1985 Fisher Price

Gruffi Gummi
1985 Fisher Price


Zummi Gummi
Kelloggs Cereal Prize

Gruffi Gummi
Kelloggs Cereal Prize

Tummi Gummi
Kelloggs Cereal Prize

Sunni Gummi
Kelloggs Cereal Prize

Stamp Backs
Kelloggs Cereal Prize

Zummi Gummi

Tummi Gummi

Stamp Map
From Disneyland featuring The Disney Afternoon

Zummi Gummi
Wooden Stamp

Wendy's Kids Meal

Wendy's Cup #1
Plastic cup given away with a Kids Meal

Wendy's Cup #2
Plastic cup given away with a Kids Meal

Wendy's Medalians
Toys found in the Kids Meal. Cubbi, Zummi (more?)

Wendy's Poster
Promo Poster used in the stores


Jiffy Pop Stickers
Gruffi, Cubbi, Tummi, Sunni, Grammi & Zummi (Zummi Not Shown), 1986

Gummi Sticker Sheet

Gummi Sticker Sheet
1985 Walt Disney Productions

Pins & Buttons

Tummi Gummi
From Disney Television Animation Australia 1989

Duke Igthorn
From Disney Television Animation Australia 1990

Gummi Bears Button
Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom on Ice, 1985

Gummi Bears Pin


Gummi Bears Sleepwear
Sunni Gummi

Gummi Shirt
Cubbi Polo Shirt, Fisher Price, 1985

Gummi Bears Shoulder Bag
Sunni Gummi, The Walt Disney Company, 1986

Gummi Bears Bracelet


Disney Afternoon CD
Includes 3 songs from the Gummi Bears

Climbing Tummi Gummi Coin Bank
Made by Clockwork

Disneyland Tickets
Sunni and Tummi, 1990

Cubbi Mug
No Info Available

NBC Advertisement
1985-1986 Saturday Morning

Giant Fun Colorforms Set

Activity Page
With Chip 'N Dale from the Disney Afternoon.

Disney Afternoon Box
Currently being given away with a Kids Meal in the Walt Disney World Resorts.

Gummi Erasers
Cubbi, Grammi (more?)

Gummi Bears: The Secret of Gummi Glen Game
4 Player game, Golden, Walt Disney Productions

Gummi Bears: Card Game
2-4 Players, 1986 Walt Disney Productions, 1986 Waddington Games Ltd.

Voyage to Gummi Glen Sign
Sign from the Disneyland Attraction

Plastic Picture Pencil Sharpener
Cubbi Gummi, 1986

Gummi Bears Stencil Ruler
1986, 9", Stencils of Zummi, Grammi & Cubbi.

Disney's Gummi Bears Yo-Yo
2.25", 1987 The Walt Disney Company

Gummi Bears Lotto (Memory)
Schmidt International, 4 - 12 years, 1 - 4 players

Gummi Bears Cartoon Viewer

Gummi Cup
No Info Available

Birthday Invitations
Set of 8 with envelopes, Walt Disney Productions & Hallmark, 1985

Gummi Bears Fabric
Fabric Panel 32" wide and 59" long

Gummi Bear Pencil Toppers
Set of 8, the six Gummies, Igthorn and an Ogre

Magic Artist
Golden, Walt Disney Productions 1986

Disney Magazine Special
Featuring the Wuzzles and the Gummi Bears

French Disney Channel Magazine
Featuring the Gummi Bears

Gummi Spinning Top
German, Walt Disney Productions 1986

Gummi Bears Clock
Lorus Quartz, Walt Disney Productions 1986

Forest Fire Poster
Featuring Smokey the Bear

Emmy Awards Poster
14" x 11", Gummi Bear Consideration for the 1986 Emmy's

Gummi Gift Wrap
30" x 20", 2 sheets

Gummi Wallpaper
20.3' x 32.8', 1985 Walt Disney Productions

Gummi Notebook Page
10cm x 7cm

NEW! Gummi Bears Folder
Holds 8.5" x 11" sheets


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