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Cubbi - Cubbi is the youngest of the Glen Gummies. Cubbi dreams of one day becoming a great Gummi Knight. He loves to play with his best (human) friend Cavin, and secretly become his alter ego, The Crimson Avenger. He loves adventures and gets into trouble very easily.

Sunni - Sunni is a little older than Cubbi. She loves to wear and design interesting things that she sees in the human world. Like Cubbi, Sunni is best friends with a human, Princess Calla. Sunni gets mad when the others look upon her as a child and when she must perform Gummi traditions.

Tummi - Tummi is like a kid trapped in a bear's body. He is a bout twice the age as Sunni, but is still called a Kid by Gruffi. More than anything else, Tummi loves to eat. He is constantly thinking about food, even when he shouldn't.

Grammi - Grammi is the motherly figure of Gummi Glen. She cooks, or umÉtries to anyway, cleans, and sews. She is also the only one who can tell Gruffi what to do. She is sweet and kind, but most important of all: She makes the others their Gummiberry Juice.

Gruffi - Gruffi feels that it's his job to be the leader of the Glen Gummies. He helps get them organized when dangerous situations occur. He is Mr. Fix-It in the Glen and is very proud of his Gummi Heritage. The only thing Gruffi can't do well is communicate with others.

Zummi - Zummi is the Gummi Wizard of the group. He gets his magical talent from his Gummi Medallion, which was given to him by Cavin. Zummi is also the keeper of their most prized possession: The Great Book Of Gummi. His only flaws are his memory and fear of heights.

Augustus "Gusto" - Gusto is the newest member of the Glen Gummies. He was rescued from a shipwreck by Tummi and Gruffi. Gusto is a wonderful Artist. He is always thinking about his next project. His friend and companion from the Island is Arte Deco.

Sir Thornberry - Sir Thornberry is a Gummi Knight from the Gummi Capital, Ursalia. Like the Glen Gummies he was left behind to guard the homestead. Being by himself so many years has made him a little crazy, but he is still a Great Gummi Knight.

Ursa - Ursa is a Barbic Bear from Barbic woods. She is the leader of the Barbics whom now live in Ursalia. She is protective of Buddy, but hates his non-Barbic hobbies. She hates humans for destroying their homeland.

Gritty - Gritty Barbic is tough and strong. He is the Ursa's right hand bear. He knows all about roughing it and finding Ramas. Gritty doesn't like to use Gummiberry juice, but he does see a need for it on occasion. His favorite Glen Gummi is Cubbi.

Buddy - Buddy is a Barbic bear who is not as tough as Ursa would like him to be. Buddy likes to spend his time playing with Sunni and playing on his horn. He passed the Barbic Test of Bearhood with Cavin.

Barbics - Besides Ursa, Gritty and Buddy there are about 20 more Barbics. The only other one we know of by name is, Grubbi. He is the cook of the Barbics. Grubbi shown in the front.

Gummadoon Knights - The Protectors of Gummadoon. They consist of (left to right): Sir Plucky, Sir Blastus and Sir Gumlittle. The other knights, who seem to be second rank, are The Twins and the blue Gummi. They became Gummi Legends for saving the Great Gummies from humans 500 years ago.

Gummadoon Council - The Council consists of five members. Two of which are Counselor Wooddale (in pink) and Counselor Berrybowum (in blue). They are Gummi Wizards who are famous for casting the spell, which makes Gummadoon disappear and reappear every hundred years, until they can live in peace with humans.

Chummi - Chummi is a Gummi from Gummerset. He traveled to Gummi Glen with his airship to find hundreds of Gummies but only found six. He continued his journey over the ocean to New Gumbrea.

Sir Gallent - Sir Gallent was a Gummi Knight who passed away long ago. He was not able to rest until his quest was complete. With the help of Cubbi he completed his task and left his Gummi necklace with Cubbi to retell his tail.


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