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Cavin - Cavin is the first human to discover the Gummies of Gummi Glen. Cavin, like his best friend Cubbi, wants more than anything to be a great knight. The Gummi Medallion, handed down to him by his Grandfather, was the key to The Great Book of Gummi, which held endless amounts of Gummi Wisdom. Cavin secretly admires the Princess Calla.

Calla - Calla is the Princess of Dunwyn and the Daughter of King Gregor. She is also best friends with Sunni. Calla is strong, smart and brave. She can do anything a boy can do and more. She would much rather be riding horses and shooting her bow than standing in her father's court.

Arte Deco - Arte Deco is Gusto's toucan friend and companion. He lived with Gusto on the Island and moved with him to the waterfall in Dunwyn after it sank. Arte constantly gives Gusto comments on his sculptures and paintings, and rarely stays quiet for too long.

King Gregor - Gregor is the King of Castle Dunwyn. He is a good king who cares greatly about the problems of his people. He protects them from villains like Igthorn, and takes great charge in battle. His pride and joy is his daughter, Calla, whom he would do anything for. He has no knowledge of the Gummies who help protect his kingdom.

Sir Tuxford and Knights - Tuxford is the highest knight in Gregor's Court. He is older, but he still gets the job done. He is favored by Gregor and is almost always at his Kings side. He is also proud of his squire Cavin. Whom he trains to be a great knight. The other knights follow Tuxford with pride and protect Dunwyn with honor.

Unwin - A knight in training, Unwin is nothing more than a big bully. He always teases Cavin about being small and short. He constantly embarrasses him in front of the princess and all of the other citizens of Dunwyn. He is just one more thing that Cavin and Calla have to compete with each day. Arrogant and boastful, Unwin is still a fine warrior and will likely attain Knighthood in a few years.

Loopy - When Loopy was a cub, a poacher caught his mother, but he managed to escape. Cubbi found him and raised him, unknown to Gruffi. Cubbi taught Loopy to protect himself from poachers and gave him some "Gummi lessons" in bouncing. Loopy is now in a pack with other wolves in the woods.

Squires - Gar is on the left and Roland is on the right. These two squires of Dunwyn competed in the tournament to protect the princess. Both seem to be good squires but need a few lessons in bravery. Unwin teases them just as much as Cavin.

The Crimson Avenger and Bronto - The Crimson Avenger is an alias Cubbi uses to protect Dunwyn. He is known by many in the kingdom as a great hero. The green avenger in the background is the Avenger's sidekick Bronto, also known as Tummi.

Gnomes - The Gnomes live in a tree that is located in the forest of Dunwyn. The Gnomes include, from left to right, Nemo, Norm, and Nester. They protect a plant called Gnome root, which Nester is very allergic too, from the giant beast know as the Slugger.

Griffins - A family of Griffins live high in a mountain near Dunwyn, which is also Cubbi's favorite fishing spot. He accidentally switches places with a baby griffin, known as a Mervin. With the help of Gruffi, Merv is reunited with his family.

Nogum - Nogum is one of Grammi's best friends as a cub. He comes back to visit her years later for some fun. He is a leprechaun, no doubt, with a magic cane that he can turn into many objects. He comes and goes with the help of a rainbow.

Bush-Brattle Birds - These birds have a thing for berries. They are known to find a group of bushes and pick the berries untill there are none to be found. They usually use the berries to feed their young.

Giggilen - "Jokes I make!" He entered Gummi Glen to have some fun with Cubbi, but caused more trouble than originally thought. In the end it was the Gummies who got the last laugh as they tricked him into believing he was stuck as a dam was becoming loose.

Sir Victor - Sir Victor, or The Great White Knight is a mighty warrior. With the help of his horse Destiny, he protects, Dunwyn whenever Sir Tuxford cannot. He also spends his time telling stories and kissing fair maiden's hands, which make them swoon. He is Duke Igthorn's twin brother.

Trina and Watcher - Trina is a simple blind woman who lives in a cottage in the forest. Tummi stumbles into her home running from ogres, and she helps him fight them off with tricks. Tummi soon learns from her that seemingly helpless people are useful and smart.

Doctor Dexter - Doctor Dexter is a traveling medicine man with a not-so-impressive record. Known to bumble up recipes, he becomes famous with a strength potion in Dunwyn with a little help from Tummi and Gummiberry juice. He finally makes himself famous as he learns that his potion is used to make plants grow quickly, not to give strength.

Boggles - Boggles are a race of animals that live in the forest. They survive from predators by transforming into inanimate objects and confusing whomever is chasing them. Ditto, shown on the right, is a Boggle that was separated from the rest of his family. Sunni befriends him and gives him a home, until he and the other Boggles learn that they can take care of themselves.

Don Gordo of Gint - Don Gordo is a great wizard from an unknown place called Gint. His power comes from his magic wand, which makes him nearly unstoppable. He is stuck in Dunwyn for a short while by Duke Igthorn who hides his only key to his homeland. With the help of the Gummies he retrieves it and makes a "monkey" out of Igthorn.

Abbit Costello and Friars - Abbit is in charge of Fellonious Abby, found not far from Dunwyn. Tummi is accidentally accepted as a friar as he tries to learn when to say no. The trolls find three friars disguises, which belong to Friar Emily, Friar Richard and the Unknown Friar. The trolls use them to get free money. Tummi and Abbit stop them with the help of food.

Prince Yen-Moon - Prince Moon is the ruler of kingdom in the Orient, though his land is in fear of a great dragon that visits them every day. He sets out on a journey to find the mystical Gummi Bears that could help him in defeating the dragon. He presents them with a magic Gummi Statue and helps save the air in Gummi Glen.

Cliff Dragons - The Cliff Dragons live close to Dunwyn. Sunni she bumps into the baby dragon that eats her Gummiberry Juice, bottle and all. This causes the baby to hick-up bubbles full of fire, which cause explosions. Sunni names the Dragon Bubbles and promises to help him. Little does she know that Igthorn has other plans. The Mother dragon saves the day and makes Bubbles burp causing the hick-ups to stop.

Fan-tailed Zeffers - These Birds have feathers that are used by the Gummies for pillows and other such items. They are very rare and important to the Gummies. Igthorn captured them and used them to attack Dunwyn. Then Grammi and the Gummies stopped them with the help of the Baby Bird.

Aquarian and Fenwithit - Aquarian is a mermaid who lives under the ocean, with her best friend, Fenwithit. Aquarian calls Fenwithit when she is in trouble with her seashell whistle. She becomes friends with Gusto and Sunni as they help save her and from Igthorn.

Sir Gawain - Gawain is a retired knight of Dunwyn, and also Cavin's grandfather. He is a dreamer to the kingdom, as he spends most of his free time telling stories about Gummi Bears. As a boy, He found the Gummi medallion that Cavin would eventually give to Zummi. He is a known friend of the Gummies but is unaware of Cavin's knowledge of the Bears.

Marie - Marie is Jean-Claude's bratty daughter, and she always sees to it that she gets exactly what she wants. When she visits Dunwyn she goes out of her way to make Calla's life miserable, that is until they became friends with the help of Sunni. Marie knows of the Gummi Bears existence, and will keep it a secret.

King Jean-Claude - Jean-Claude is the king of a land in France. He visits Dunwyn every once in a while and is great friends with King Gregor. He is very pompous, but is a wonderful king. He gets angry very easily, though gracious if he is found wrong.

Sea Serpent and Unknown Creature - The Serpent is controlled by a small flute that Cubbi is given by Zummi, however it does not control him until Sunni bent it. Whoever holds the flute controls the Serpent, and he will do their bidding, good or evil. The other creature showed up unknown to the cubs. After Cubbi accidentally stepped on the flute, he tossed it aside not knowing that it called another creature.

Dragonous Humongous - A nearby dragon that lives in the kingdom of Dunwyn, the self-appointed "Most Peaceful Dragon in the World" stays away from humans. She was a friend to the Great Gummies, and longs for a companion. It was her foot that was used to model the Great Gummies Dragon Decoy.

Chillbeard and Chillbeard Jr. - The master of winter, Chillbeard makes sure that winter is in the right place at the right time. Chillbeard Jr. often steals the Wind Horn to play with, and he often messes up the seasons. Sunni, Tummi and Cubbi stopped him. Well, with a little help from Chillbeard himself.

Bobo Carpie - Bobo is a Dodo. He is not very smart but is the nicest of all the carpies. He takes care of Sunni as she takes the place of their King. After Sunni learns that being Queen is not all fun and games she makes Bobo the Carpie King.

The Tree Folk - The Tree Folk live in Fangwood Forest, which is near South Gumton. They were friends with the Ancient Gummies but were mad when they suddenly left. They forgave the Gummies, however, when Tummi gave his life to save a Gummiberry bush. The tree on the left is known as the Great Oak.

Slumber Sprite - Slumber Sprites are very small creatures about six inches tall. To defend themselves they use their antennas to cast sleeping spells on larger animals. These spells only work well, however, on smart animals. The source of their magic is a large stone, which they must always stay near. Above all, Slumber Sprites love honey.

Sir Ponch - The best Taffy Man in the land. Sir Ponch makes the best taffy anyone has ever tasted. It hugs your teeth and tickles you tongue and makes you wish you'll never be done. Sadness was brought over the land when he retired.

Milton and his mom - Milton is the Crimson Avenger's biggest fan. He helped Cubbi realize that he could do anything if someone believed in him. Milton was saved by Le Grande Fromage and returned to his mom.

Ramas - Ramas are a cross between rams and lamas. They are the same size as lamas but will ram you with their horns if you turn your back on them. They are used by the Barbic Bears to carry great amounts. Cubbi learned all about them from Gritty when the two went on a Rama Roundup in search of water for Ursalia.

Willard - The Royal Exterminator in Dunwyn. He specializes in catching rats in the castle. His biggest rat of all, however, was Sunni.

The Great Rotechelli - A Great Artist in Dunwyn. When Cavin became the one who got to paint the Kings portrait, he became jealous. He eventually found out that Cavin was a fraud and that Gusto was the real artist.

Madam Blesabo - A Lotion and Potion Gypsy. She was responciable for giveing Igthorn a love potion to be used on Lady Bane.


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